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Vegan Diets for Weight Loss

The reasons you’re not losing weight on a vegan diet

     Many people feel that if they go on a vegan diet they can lose weight. In most cases this is true. I even recommend a vegan diet for people… Continue reading

Hiccups: A Scientific Mystery

Hiccups: A Scientific Mystery

     Although hiccups are extremely common, the medical sciences have yet to figure out what causes them. They remain one of the unsolved mysteries of the human body. Maybe that’s not totally surprising. After all, they… Continue reading

Genetically Modified Humans

Not happy with GMO’s?

Then how about genetically modified humans

     Last December, humanity crossed an important line: In China, a scientist named He Jiankui announced that twins had been born in November with a gene that he had edited… Continue reading


When Cancer Meets Schizophrenia

The man was 23 when the delusions came on. He was convinced that his thoughts were leaking out of his head and that other people could hear them. When he watched television, he thought the actors… Continue reading