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Frequent, brisk walks may curb dementia

According to a new study, exercise may bolster the brain function and thinking skills of people with dementia. The study’s findings suggest that walking a few times a week might alter the trajectory of… Continue reading

Life After Death

There Is Life after Death: Microbes

This article is dedicated to a few friends and aquaintences who strongly believe in the afterlife; the romantic notion of living past lives as different people and looking forward to the next life adventure… Continue reading


Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (A.D.H.D.)

When I practised pharmacy, one of the most upsetting prescriptions dispensed were stimulants like Ritalin for pre-pubescent boys. To me they were just boys being boys and I was very much against dosing their growing… Continue reading

Preventing Aging

No Magic Formula Will Get You to 100

Several years ago, a geologist named Anatoli Brouchkov harvested some bacteria that had survived in the Arctic permafrost for eons. When the bacteria were injected into female mice, the compound seemed to… Continue reading