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Why can’t they face the truth?

     How many studies do you have to throw at the vaccine hysterics before they quit? How much of a scientific consensus and how many impeachable experts must you present?

     That’s a trick… Continue reading

Mumps Outbreak

Mumps Outbreak
Shows need for Vaccinations

Last month 17 millennials who were having a nice social evening at a sports bar in Toronto came down with the mumps, a viral infection known as Epidemic Parotitis, for which we have a… Continue reading

Anti-Vax Establishment

Anti-Vaccination people are scientifically ignorant

Recently there have been two measles outbreaks, one in California, and another one in Western Canada, in Edmonton and Winnipeg. Also, as I write this newsletter, thirteen cases have been reported in Toronto, as well… Continue reading

Childhood Vaccination…Benefits Versus Risk

Childhood Vaccination…Benefits Versus Risk

Many natural health practitioners are scaring the wits out of young mothers about the dangers of vaccinating their children against childhood diseases.  After researching the most vocal and most published such as Viera Scheibner, an… Continue reading